What is Instant Booking?

We recently launched our Instant Booking feature. Landlords now have the option to rent out their property instantly. Using this feature saves time in having to assess and accept bookings. If a tenant doesn’t match with the requirements previously communicated, you can still decline the booking, provided that the requirements are in the listing and the tenant is able to see them (you must update these requirements for each listing).

Who should choose to use it

That is completely up to you. Consider your tenant requirements, the time involved screening applications, and your comfort level with the platform.

How to get it

In order to access the Instant Booking feature, please contact us via email or phone. You can send us an email to or contact us via phone at:

  • SPAIN: +34 944 58 08 63
  • GERMANY: +49 211 959 868 44
  • NETHERLANDS: +31 85 888 8102
  • UK: +44 1377 455082
  • FRANCE: +33 9 75 18 50 05

What it looks like

When a listing has the Instant Booking feature, tenants can choose the move-in and move-out dates and book directly. They will still provide their personal information, ID (mandatory) and they might also write a letter to the landlord. You will be notified via email when a booking has been made.


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