How does the account work?

In your account you can edit your profile information, change your password, view all your current and past requests, upload supporting documents and manage your newsletter subscriptions.

Your profile:

In the profile section you can add and edit information about yourself, including your name, birthday, contact details and current address.  Your contact details will be passed to the landlord if you make a successful booking.


Here you can see all your booking requests, and their current status, whether you were successful or not, or if you're waiting for an answer.

By clicking on the property image, you will be taken to the listing page so that you can review the information again.


You can manage your subscriptions in the newsletter section.  If you would like to opt out of Nestpick's marketing communications, please untick the box beside 'Newsletter'.  

We do not recommend opting out of e-mail notifications, as these are notifications that let you know when your booking is being considered, is successful, if it is cancelled, etc.

In general, these keep you informed about how your nestpick booking is succeeding.  However if you do want to opt out of these, just untick the box.


If you ever need to reset your password, you can do it here.  Just type in your old and your new password and save.

Trust centre:

Here you can upload documents to help to support your application.  These might be your ID, your contract or your proof of acceptance into your university.

For more information please see here

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