How to get your booking accepted by uploading supporting documents to the Trust Centre

Uploading your ID, your contract or acceptance letter shows the landlord that you are a serious applicant.  

It gives them trust when they are considering you as a tenant and makes your booking much more attractive.  

It's therefore important not to skip this step.  

You have two ways to upload these key documents.

Before booking:

Before you book, you can log into your account and prepare your profile.  

If you click on Trust Centre on the left hand menu once inside the account you have the opportunity to upload documents directly from your hard drive or to use your webcam to take images of them there and then.

Example documents which really help your application are:

- Your ID

- Your proof of employment / university enrollment

- Reference from a previous landlord

During booking:

Once you bypass checkout you come to a screen which gives you another chance to upload documents.  

It's better to do it in advance, but if you do find yourself past checkout, do it without delay - it will really help your booking!

After booking:

Just log into your account and select the Trust Centre option on the left hand menu.

Your security:

For your security, the nest provider will only see a thumbnail version.

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