Why have I not received the deposit yet?

The deposit is transferred to you 48 hours after the tenant moves in, and you will receive a notification email. This ensures a secure process for both tenant and landlord.

If you don’t receive this email after 48 hours, and you have not received your deposit, please contact us.

Since the deposit is transferred to your bank account, it might take a few days, depending on the date, bank and country, to receive the amount in your account. Weekends, holidays and international transfers are 3 of the factors that may delay the process.

If you have received the email but you have not received your deposit yet, please check in your account that your bank account details are correct. The most common reason that there has been a delay or an issue with a deposit payment is that we don't have your payment details on file. If this is the problem, please update your details and call us to let us know, so we can transfer you the deposit.

If this is not the case, please contact us and we will immediately check with our Finance department to identify what has happened to your payment and take action.

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