How do I make a booking?

Here's how you can rent your next home on nestpick:

1. Select a listing by adjusting filters for price, neighbourhood, room size, amenities and more.
2. Click "Request to Book" - you can still change your mind after this step!
3. Create an account if you haven't already. You can always come back to this later.
4. Introduce yourself to your potential new landlord with a descriptive cover letter. Landlords want to know as much as possible before choosing to accept or decline booking requests.
5. Click "Accept and Proceed to Book," then select your payment method. Your deposit and service fee will be transferred only when the landlord accepts your request. If you pay by any method other than Visa or Mastercard, the amount will be charged temporarily to your account, but will be restored if the landlord declines.
6. Repeat this process and make as many booking requests as you need! Once you get a confirmation email from us, the landlord has 48 hours to reach a decision. If he/she accepts, we will send you each other's contact details to arrange move-in details.
7. Let us know if everything is as expected within 48 hours of moving in. That's when we transfer your deposit to the landlord.

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