How do I ensure my booking request gets accepted?

We recommend the following actions to raise the likelihood of a landlord accepting your booking request:

1. Introduce yourself with a descriptive cover letter
Landlords want to see as much relevant information about you as possible before making their decision.

Age, nationality and gender
City you're moving from
Purpose of your move
Profession or field of interest
Personal details - do you smoke? are you a fitness fanatic? are you quiet? are you noisy?
Previous renting history

2. Upload documents that landlords love to see
Complete your profile by uploading your ID, passport, proof of income, a work contract or university acceptance letter.

3. Send as many booking requests as you need
Shop around for the home you want and send multiple booking requests. When a landlord accepts one of your requests, all your other requests will be automatically cancelled and you will only be charged for the request already accepted.

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